About Griffin Products

In 1962, Jack and Bernie Knauss founded Terrell Equipment Company, Inc. The company was established in Terrell, Texas in an abandoned WWII army barrack out of which custom equipment and a line of square corner sinks were produced.

In 1968, Vernon Griffin joined the company. He became president in 1983 and co-owner in 1984. During his tenure, galvanized sink production ended and Terrell began production of a complete line of NSF approved stainless steel equipment.

Shane Griffin founded Express Equipment Fabricators, Inc. in 1994 in Seguin, Texas. The name was changed in 1996 to Griffin Products, Inc.; and the operations were moved to Wills Point, Texas in 1997. Vernon Griffin joined our company after closing Terrell in 1997.

Evidence of our experience in the industry is well represented in our products. Our square corner sinks are the same as their Terrell predecessors of 1962, and our coved corner sinks closely resemble those Terrell began producing in 1980. Although appearances are similar, much has changed in our production methods. Yet we continue to improve, not compromise our line of products, our quality and our services.